Thursday, February 16, 2006

Those Who Do Not Remember The Past

are condemned to relive it, certainly in British higher education.
According to the Telegraph,
"Among the non-vocational subjects over which Mr Rammell shed no tears, applications to study history fell by 7.8 per cent, classics by 8.5 per cent and fine art by 11.4 per cent. Philosophy applications, however, fell by 3.9 per cent, only slightly above the average.

The minister's claim that students were choosing more vocationally beneficial subjects was supported by rises of 15.4 per cent in nursing, 7.4 per cent in social work, 11.5 per cent in maths and 9.6 per cent in pharmacology.

However, there were falls of 10.3 per cent in computer science, 7.3 per cent in mechanical engineering and 18.6 per cent in electronic and electrical engineering".
Well at least we'll have lots of nurses capable of counting out the pills - by candlelight.


Blogger lochaneilein said...

For non-vocational read 'Arts & Humanities'. Arts & Humanities graduates tend to be awkward, free thinking, non-capitulating gits. I'm one myself. I wonder why politicians don't like them?

16 February, 2006 21:31  
Blogger Martin said...



17 February, 2006 06:16  

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