Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam

"AWAKE! for Morning in the bowl of Night
Has flung the stone that put the stars to flight
And Lo! The hunter of the east has caught
The Sultan's turret in a noose of light.
Dreaming when dawn's left hand was in the sky,
I heard a voice withing the tavern cry
"Awake, my little ones, and fill the cup,
Before life's liquor in its cup be dry".
The astronomer-poet of Persia makes his compatriots sound like a bunch of raging bevvy-hounds.
Just as well they never discovered Chico.
(Update February 7 2005 - it seems that the pious and humble Omar Khayam has been returned to custody in order to serve the outstanding balance of his last sentence for drug-dealing. The infidel is harsh! Well, at least it will teach him not to get shirty, so to speak - and it is such a pity that Rule 43, governing the incarceration of vulnerable prisoners, does not seem to be around any more...)


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