Thursday, February 09, 2006

Foreign Criminals Of The Day - The Not Very Appealing Cardiff Card Cloners

I'M SORRY FOLKS - I didn't mean to scare you.
The four Halloween masks on the left belong to Romanians Lucian Carabgeac and Vornicu Florin, Ivan Grosu, a Moldovan, and Rulan Ashan, FCOTD's very first Chechen.
They lost their appeals against sentence today, all four having been sent down for four years when they admitted conspiracy to steal at Cardiff Crown Court last August. As the great Max Boyce might have put it, it was as surefire a case of "Oggie Oggie Oggie Jail Jail Jail!" as the Cardiff bench would have encountered for some time.
They conspired to - you guessed it - rip off cash machines, that crime which is the most tedious, boring, utterly predictable expression of Romanian criminality, and deserved the full four years, if only because Romanian cash machine crime in South Wales seems to be even more of a bloody nuisance than elsewhere, which is saying something seeing as they do it as far away as Vancouver.
Carabgeac, Grosu and Florin are all illegals, whilst Ashan is an asylum-seeker.
But not, I'm afraid, for much longer; because they are going to be deported en masse once they have served their sentences. Well, at least that's the general idea...


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