Saturday, February 18, 2006

The BBC And The Community

Having some family connections to Leicester through my fiancee, I was quite tempted to answer the BBC's call to help celebrate the city's diversity until I saw I'm both ethnically and geographically excluded.
Where is the BBC's invitation to the non-racial, ranting right-wing community? Where honest yeomen and the respectable working classes can peacefully and diversely call for the restoration of the death penalty (Gary Nelson, cop-killer, being a suitable poster boy)? And of National Service?
Or for the flag in every classroom and courtroom? For the immediate deportation of foreign criminals? And the restoration to legality of private handgun ownership?
For our immediate secession from the Common Market? And for winding up the Department for International Development? And for emphasising the importance of our independent nuclear deterrent?
For grammar schools, courtesy and the class system?
For a statue of the late, great (and visionary) Mary Whitehouse to be erected in full view of Michael Grade's office window?
Or, indeed, to call for the end of namby-pamby, lily-livered, sociology graduate-administered policing, and a return to the good old days when the boys in blue were able to soundly thrash young thugs up dark alleyways and then perjure themselves blind that 'the accused fell over whilst resisting, m'lud'? Before they dropped the words 'on the square' into their evidence'?
Not very diverse at all. After all, the requirement to pay the licence fee is not diverse. You pay it or you get a criminal record.
If I had my way, I'd (fade to frenzy)....


Blogger lochaneilein said...

I'm beginning to harbour a suspicion that you don't like the BBC.

19 February, 2006 13:13  

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