Saturday, January 28, 2006

Round-Up Of The Day

The demands upon one's time (re-negotiating an electricity bill from a supplier which defends itself from its customers behind a natural moat; visiting my mother, to be regaled with the casualty figures relating to how many of her friends have been hospitalised in the last week; cutting hair that grows at the same speed as the population of Greater London; and negotiating a furlough for my cashline card from my fiancee's custody - no inmate at Guantanamo Bay is more closely guarded than that wee piece of plastic) all combine to limit the amount of time available for analysis - so I'm afraid it's a bit of a round up of interesting stuff.
In no particular order, although one will argue the rights of Russia to receive a fair price for its resources forever and a day, President Putin should have no more pressing task than rooting out the so-called 'grandfathers' amongst the conscripts in its army who were responsible for the ordeal of Andrei Sychev, poor lad.
Right for Scotland vents at the media, Sir Ian Blair and the reporting of crime (and quite rightly - it seems that the Peelers' latest foray into statistics management involves entrapment) whilst The Bag of Bears points in the direction of Clairwil, a disillusioned former member of the Scottish Socialist Party.
Life in Basra looks as if it's just about to become a great deal more interesting for the 18 year old wee boys from Shettleston we have sent there to build a democracy for the Iraqis to turn round and destroy at the first opportunity, unfortunately: whilst Paul Craig Roberts, whom it is always a strategic blunder to ignore, warns that 'Catastrophe Looms', and Justin Raimondo has an interesting piece on the role played by Israel in the creation of Hamas. It seems that this might be, as Raimondo says, a classic example of 'blowback'.
And speaking of blowback, it seems that the charming Leslie Cummings may have been stabbed as a result of a contract placed on his life by a crooked lawyer.
It gives one no satisfaction to say this, but throughout the seven years that I was a member of the Law Society of Scotland, one's perception of it was that it was a craven institution that spent more time stamping on its members' heads than guarding their professional interests. One wishes Mr. Cummings a speedy recovery, and that his assailant and all those who might be responsible are brought to justice.
Finally, The Devil's Kitchen's mood has improved, whilst a certain Californian blogger engages in what he shamelessly describes as 'blatant self-promotion'.
As Mel Brooks wrote, 'If you got it, flaunt it! Flaunt it!'.


Blogger lochaneilein said...

Mr K,
Your posts with the personal touch are always the best. I guess a smile is always worth more than a frown...

28 January, 2006 22:29  

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