Friday, January 27, 2006

An Institutional Loser

Sir Ian Blair Jean Charles de Menezes Blair, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, has accused the British press of ' institutional racism' over the volume of press coverage given to the murders of whites, such as the 2002 murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, as opposed to the murders of ethnic minorities.
Wells and Chapman, both 10, were murdered by a pervert with a history of statutory rape whom defective screening procedures, includeing the involvement of the police, had enabled to obtain a post as a school caretaker.
He also criticised the volume of coverage given to the murder of Tom ap Rhys Pryce earlier this month, in comparison with other murders.
ap Rhys Pryce was stabbed by robbers yards from his home - hardly a glowing advertisement for the style of policing practiced by Blair.


Blogger Canadi-anna said...

We had the same sort of criticism here recently after a 15 year old white girl was shopping with her mom and sister on Boxing Day, and was shot and killed in the midst of a gang fight.
All the ususal suspects came out, suggesting that everyone only cared because she was white, but the fact is, her name and race weren't reported until about two days after the shooting. People were outraged from day one. This is a tourist area and not an exclusively white area, so no one could have just assumed it was a white girl.
They made comparisons between other shootings where innocent people had been hit, but the difference was that this girl was killed.
They still maintain it's racism.

27 January, 2006 15:00  

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