Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I Suppose I Deserved That

Joe Guzzardi of VDare posted my letter this morning, which followed upon this post and added that,
"Joe Guzzardi comments: Martin Kelly is the proprietor of the erratically anti-VDARE.COM (and anti-Brimelow) blog The G-Gnome Rides Out. Since we received Kelly’s letter, Mexico has withdrawn its plan to issue 70,000 maps to would-be border crossers. The very fact that Mexico conceived the idea proves its disdain for American sovereignty. But Mexico’s retreat indicates that it is leery of pushing the envelope too far in this period of intense resistance by Americans to unchecked illegal immigration".
I bear no actual personal animus towards Peter Brimelow - don't know the man, never met him, and the list of my other blogs on the right is headed 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly' for a reason: as much as one might wish otherwise, as Justin Raimondo has said, on the Internet your sins live forever, so there's no point in denying them - but to the end of my days I will maintain that, as a white, educated immigrant from the United Kingdom, permitted to settle in the USA through the good offices of all its citizens, it was entirely inappropriate of him to write the following phrases in a VDare blog entry of February 26 2005, in relation to the death of Samuel Francis -
"In 2027 the Martin Luther King FBI archives are due to be unsealed. Since by then, not being Spanish speaking, MLK will have lost his privileged minority status, there will be nothing to stop the final truth coming out. Almost an entire generation of politicians and commentators will look, at best, foolish."
We shall see. History takes a long time to write - but it's not perhaps an undertaking for flighty obsessive-compulsives like myself.
However, I link to VDare on the front page, have linked extensively to its articles, have linked to its fund-raising page and bear nothing but the greatest admiration for those of its writers fighting its battles on the ground, such as Randall Burns, D.A. King and Mr. Guzzardi himself. They might not welcome my admiration, but that's life; and Paul Craig Roberts' analyses of US job creation figures are always essential reading.
Being a VDare writer cannot be without its pitfalls. I received the following, unedited and uncensored, e-mail this morning after the letter was published, from one William Martin (mail him), -
"Martin,do you have a stubby,fat,brownish GNOMISH dick--like a GNOME,perhaps.Perhaps like a mongolian mercy-fucked Britisher? W.M.
I'll be cleaning out my inbox for weeks...
(Update January 31 2006 - some of my thoughts on my other blogs are contained in Apologia Pro Vita Blogga Britannica, posted on November 1 2005. Links to the blogs are included.)


Blogger Dennis Mangan said...

Regarding that last line from the letter writer: how can anyone with the least claim to be a human being write such filth? Of course, leftists (if that is what he is) claim to be above humanity.

31 January, 2006 13:49  
Blogger Martin said...


Beats me.

31 January, 2006 20:59  

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