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Drunk Driving, Driving Without Insurance Or Tax And Other Things The Irish Won't Do

'The Meath Chronicle' will forever stay a closed book on my corner of the Internet, if only because its website demands details of potential subscribers' incomes before registration.
This is something of a pity, because it means that one will be unable to read the thoughts of Judge John Brophy of Navan District Court, who, if today's dead tree 'Sunday Independent' is anything to go by, is the most honest and least politically correct judge in the English-speaking world when presented with a migrant to sentence.
He sees a lot of them.
According to an article in today's SI by Jim Cusack entitled 'Gardai blame migrants for drink culture',
"Four people have been killed on the roads so far this year in the Garda's Louth-Meath division. In all cases foreign nationals have been involved. Charges are pending in respect of three deaths which cannot be discussed for legal reasons.
The fourth was Moldovan Andrei Vasitlita, 21, who drove off the main bridge in Drogheda in the early hours of January 23. No other vehicle was involved but it is understood that Vasitlita had very high levels of alcohol in his blood.
Case after case of serious road incidents involving drunken driving, and driving without insurance and tax, are coming before every sitting of Meath District Court Circuit.
Statistics show the high level of immigrants before the courts on alcohol-related charges. In the Oldcastle area, over 40 per cent of cases are against non-nationals.
The next highest levels involve cases before Balbriggan court, where non-nationals - mostly workers from Baltic states employed in the market-garden business - account for just under 40 per cent. The average for the Louth-Meath division is now running at between 20 and 30 per cent for each court sitting.
Gardai and judges are equally concerned at the dramatic increase in serious road traffic cases involving non-nationals in the area. Judge John Brophy, who presides over many of these cases, has spoken out about the abuse of traffic laws by non-nationals over the past year.
He told one 19-year-old Latvian, charged with driving with excess alcohol and having no insurance last August:"You are a guest in this country. Respect our laws and our police force".
Navan Court heard that the young man had been drunk in his car with his girlfriend when he was stopped outside the town. The two had also been squabbling. Judge Brophy told him:"You endangered her life by allegedly driving while drunk and with no insurance. If I went to Latvia and abused one of your police officers, I'd end up in jail".
Woo-Hoo! Cusack continued,
"At the same court sitting, Judge Brophy heard another case in which a Lithuanian man was involved in a hit-and-run incident.
Commenting on another case of drunkenness and possession of a dangerous weapon at the same court, Judge Brophy commented that "Latvians, Lithuanians and Estonians could not hold their drink".
He had many of them before him, he added, all for drink related offences."
That's the ticket, Judge Brophy! Tell it like it is!
Mind you, he faces some competiton from Judge Sean MacBride of Trim. Cusack notes,
"On the same day, at Trim Court, Judge Sean Macbride was also dealing with a case involving a Lithuanian charged in connection with a hit-and-run case in which his car ploughed into the back of another car outside Oldcastle.
The 25-year-old pleaded guilty to failing to stop and careless driving. Gardai identified him after spotting his car outside the rented house where he lived. The BMW was damaged on its front grille and its missing hub cap was found at the scene of the incident. Judge MacBride imposed a (Euro) 650 fine and a 12-month ban on a Latvian carpenter who he described as "arrogant and having contempt for everyone".
Again the incident took place near Oldcastle last January. The judge heard that Latvian Artjoms Mamajevs had been overtaking a lorry on the wrong side of the road, at a corner, when his car struck an oncoming car, causing (Euro) 5,000 worth of damage. It was 7.30 am and the road was icy, making it impossible to brake.
The 'Meath Chronicle' reported that Mamajevs, who conducted his own defence, said "that he had not broken any traffic rules but he took responsibility as he was on the wrong side of the road. In his own country, he could blame the guys who cleaned the roads in the winter". Judge MacBride described Mamajevs as a "clever individual, a clever fool".
At almost every District Court sitting in the Louth-Meath Division, gardai are pursuing charges against non-nationals and particularly workers from the Baltic States in respect of no insurance and no tax. It is a phenomenon that is putting extra strain on policing resources in a garda division which already has more than its fair share of road traffic problems."
And that is the core of the whole problem of migrant crime. Resources are provided by taxpayers for the detection and prevention of crime within their own communities, and the mass infusion into those communities of foreigners who enjoy the same legal rights as citizens, but whose native cultures say its OK to ignore traffic laws and to drink yourself blind at the weekends and then get behind the wheel on Monday morning, such as is apparently the attitude in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, diminishes the rights of the citizen to the benefit of the foreigner.
Not why we pay taxes.
Cusack noted that a conference held in Tallinn by the Nordic Council for Alcohol and Drug Research in November 2005 heard that "there were amost no prosecutions for drunken driving in Lithuania, as the state has failed to effectively introduce blofd alcohol concentration limits for drivers", and evidence concerning "the growing prevalence of alcoholism".
Big Vodka apparently wields big power in Lithuania, and The Great Estonian Potato Juice War of 2004 resulted in a crash in the price and an increase in consumption.
It's very sad that these folks should be drinking themselves into the ground - and it's absolute madness that they should think they can continue with the same self-destructive behaviour, and all its attendant crime and nuisance, in another country over a thousand miles away, without let or hindrance.
At least, however, the Irish do keep statistics of crimes committed by foreigners. Do we?


Blogger Martin said...

Who cares if we do or not? Does it matter? Did the Huns and the Visigoths keep these sort of records? If not, why should we? The foreigners have two eyes, two ears, noses, mouths, hands, feet and rectums just like yours - why do they have to be treated differently?

Sorry, I'm just commenting on some old blog posts I wrote many, many years ago, at a time in my life when I was ignorant, bigoted and stupid. I'm a different person now. Please don't judge me in 2014 on the basis of some crap that I wrote in 2006.

09 June, 2014 00:11  

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